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Women’s Euros success and betting on it increases popularity of women’s football


For many reasons, July 31, 2022 was an important date, as the England Women’s football team defeated Germany in the final by two goals to one after extra time to secure European Championship success. But, while the women’s game had been on the rise for a while, this was the moment when it really was put on the map in a big way. The women’s European Championships, held in England, were a rip-roaring success. Not only had thousands been in attendance at games around the country, millions tuned in to watch the action unfold on TV and online too, and not just in the host country. It was, without doubt, the most popular women’s football event of all time, increasing the spotlight on the game and bringing it more into the mainstream than ever before. And it’s not just viewing figures and attendance numbers that were evidence of the increase in popularity of women’s football during and post-Euros, but there were other key indicators too, such as the betting activity that took place during the event. There were, for example, a record 1.5 million football bets placed.  The record 1.5 million bets, which isn’t the final total, represents a five-fold increase experienced by many sports...



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