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MB Pre Brighton

Bielsa's here - injury situation?

Ayling will probably be able to play with the under-23s on Monday. Shackleton is also healthy. Raphinha and Rodrigo are also available. The ones finishing their recovery are Koch and Bamford.

Raphinha a boost?

[Repeats previous answer].

Bamford injury has been serious and the evolution changes. That's why his definitive recovery is extended. Koch had to go through surgery. The terms of his recovery are what was expected.

Feeling positive with those returning?

There's two ways to see it. One of them is we are avoiding being in the bottom three. I don't hide that or try to shy away from it. It's the reality we have to face and it's the situation we need to avoid. The results we have obtained up top now are those that position us where we are. After the performances are what you deserve. The performances in the last period have been improving. What we deserve to allow us to think we should have more points. I don't ignore the reality and I always fight to reverse a negative period.

Brighton features?

They are a team that's flexible in the way they line up and play players in different positions.

Independent regulator needed to protect football?

I cannot give an opinion because I don't have sufficient info.

How much of your job is to remind players to play as they did in childhood?

To be a pro player, an important contribution is to possess a high spirit of the amateur. I am referring to what a player develops when they play for nothing. Without expecting any recompense except for the victory. They are the future of pro footballers, they consolidate the most important parts to then become pros. Raphinha is a clear example of this. He has not lost anything you achieve when you play for fun. Of course, it's added to this amateur spirit. He has had added a lot of things the pro game demands. The important thing is the development of those virtues in childhood because the ones that come with the pro game are complimentary. Of course, Raphinha is recognised and he will be so more and more. For his capacity to invent responses that are not expected. That's not a virtue you obtain through professionalism. You have to conserve it, keep it, despite the professionalism.


I decided for McCarron and McKinstry [last time].

Phillips Sunday position moving forward?

At Leeds, his natural position will be at DM. That’s the place where you most see Kalvin’s qualities. Of course, I will try he plays most of his minutes in that position. Our best player against Tottenham - he was the best when alongside Cooper and Llorente, following Kane when he dropped deep. We talked about thinking who could adapt best to following Kane and it was Phillips. It’s a method very clear in Tottenham. Kane drops and does the diagonal from centre to the left [to Son]. With Phillips and Llorente paired up with those two players and Cooper waiting as a free man. That worked very well. Nothing that allows a player to shine should make it uncomfortable for him.

For me, the best of KP, you will find it in the middle of the pitch. With respect to his position with England, it does correspond for me to have an opinion.

Learn from May loss?

They are referential, but that's it because every game is new.

Gelhardt surprised you with his adaptation?

In some ways, when I put an unusual player in the XI it's because I'm convinced he can offer a positive result. Does not surprise me he can compete at this level, but he has worked a lot to gain these opportunities he has been given.

Injuries a mitigating factor?

The injuries are not one of the reasons why we are there. Of course, the position worries me in the table. I am in charge of a group of footballers to warrant and deserve a higher position. The club has trusted in me in one of the aspects of their confidence is what they pay me to do this job. Of course, these results I am offering are not what's expected

Problem solving

The previous game is always a reference and the next one in the same way. We combine both things and the week has been sufficiently long to correct and project

Where do you take most satisfaction from?

My job will provide me satisfaction when we do something on the pitch which is valued. I know clearly when we defend well and attack well. I know how to perceive the responses of the system to the game, to what we generate. To give an example, when the first half finished against Tottenham, I realise the stadium had valued what we had done. Whether our own fans or those who assisted the game in general. That impulse we did in the first half did not last long enough


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