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The Football AI Tech Driving the Pro Clubs Is Now Available to All Levels


Pixellot, the pioneer of AI Automated sports production, is expanding its offering well beyond live streaming.

If we had asked you to name the biggest sports broadcaster in the world you would probably think of companies like ESPN, BT Sport, or Sky Sports. This might have been the right answer 3 years ago. Today it’s a technology company called Pixellot. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, the company produces and streams around 80,000 live matches every month from more than 15,000 venues around the world all without anyone operating a single camera. Previously, these matches would have only been seen by the fans physically attending the stadium, but in today’s world, it’s a whole new ball game.

Connecting with Supporters Safely

The challenges of fan-less stadiums during the past year caused many clubs to file for financial aid and some have had to sell property and players to survive. The ability to automatically film and broadcast live games kept supporters in the picture and enabled many organizations to keep on playing and benefit from much-needed ad and subscription revenue. This was especially so with secondary leagues and grassroots clubs. Without the means for live coverage, clubs were forced to be separated from their fans and the community. Without their involvement, even from afar, there is little justification for the activities. 

Cost-effective Automated Production

Pixellot’s comprehensive solutions were specifically designed to serve the needs of the cost-sensitive football leagues and clubs and several organizations in the UK and Ireland adopted the company’s technology. Clubs like Dagenham & Redbridge, Chelmsford, and Halifax Town in England, all Men’s second division games in Ireland, Wrexham in Wales, and more than 10 clubs in league 1 and 2 in Scotland are using Pixellot technology today to connect supporters, families, and the community safely. Coaches, players, and fans enjoy access to hours of automatically generated videos live or on-demand on dedicated channels. 

Cover Live Games Without the Staff 

What is really exciting about the Pixellot 180° video is their 360° solution. It begins with the range of camera devices to suit various pitches and budgets. These are all-weather rigs that perform well even in low lighting conditions. Next is the AI-Automated software that simulates a camera operator and streams live even with low bandwidth. To top things off, there is even an integrated, viewing platform that allows any club to become a media company and charge subscriptions, add video ads and sponsorships as part of the optional solution set.

Coaching Solutions for The Elite

In 2017. After several iterations and product trials, Pixellot and the famed FC Barcelona club entered into a commercial cooperation that is still ongoing today. Since then, several other notable clubs have availed themselves of Pixellot technology, among them Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Benfica Lisbon, Celtic, and more. 

All Video All the Time

There are two unique aspects of Pixellot solutions that are worthy of note.

  1. Coaching Solutions available via Pixellot’s analytics platform VidSwap. These produce full breakdowns and tagging of practices and matches including shot charts, heatmaps, and full analytics.
  2. Built-in monetization options – Critical for lower league and amateur clubs. These various functionalities make it easy to offer PPV, subscriptions, sponsorships, pre and midroll videos, etc.

Since both set-up costs and ongoing expenditures are much lower than typical manned systems, Pixellot systems are seeing a surge in demand from everyone who needs engaging live coverage with graphics and commentary and lacks the means to hire staff, especially during the pandemic downturn.

Mobile and Lightweight Solution

Recently the company launched Pixellot Air with FC Barcelona. Pixellot Air is a portable camera that can automatically record all the matches for post-match review. It is ideal for away games and for academies that want to review their games shortly after the final whistle has blown.

Although Pixellot has been involved in the sports scene in the UK, until recently, they were more focused on the markets in the US. Now, after most of the high school sports are using Pixellot systems, they’ve set their sights on the prestigious market in Great Britain.  

For more information Pixellot.tv

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