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????Amy’s New and Noteworthy in Nonfiction September 2020????

We get many new books every month. A few of these high interest items wind up on the New Book Shelf downstairs, but there just isn’t room for all of the good ones! In this series, we’ll highlight our newest arrivals that are more niche interest, that aren’t necessarily hitting the New Book Shelf, so you’ll know where to look for them!

By Amy

New and Notable Nonfiction September 2020


These would both be excellent texts for homeschooling resources.

Transforming History: A Guide to Effective, Inclusive, and Evidence-based Teaching by Mary Jo Festler is specifically about how to effectively teach history.

Time Travelers: Victorian Encounters with Time & History by edited by Adelene Buckland & Sadiah Qureshi is a collection of essays that not only explore Victorian history, but also explore some of the ways our study of history is constructed by our culture.

Current Events – Activism

With popularity of the subject matter in the national dialog lately, we’ve been getting new materials about the history and theory surrounding activism and various movements throughout history and current events.

Lessons from a Dark Time and Other Essays by Adam Hochschild is a book of recent history chronicling some of the high moments from the career of the famous journalist and activist and how he combined the two.

While Rome Burned: Fire, Leadership, and Urban Disaster in the Roman Cultural Imagination by Virginia M. Closs tells the history of Rome during periods of disaster and unrest, and how literary and cultural tradition was affected by the rulers at the time.

The Castle of Truth and Other Revolutionary Tales by Hermynia Zur Muhlen is actually in the literature section, but it is a collection of radical political poetry, newly translated from German, with a focus on socialist and communist priniciples as morals as well as social justice themes.

Current Events – Race Studies

With the current debates and social movements and crises developing across the country, we’ve endeavored to keep our collection up to date on relevant historical and informational literature around the study of race and racism.

When Baseball Went White: Reconstruction, Reconciliation, & Dreams of a National Pastime by Ryan A. Swanson is new to the sports section and explores the complexities involved with integration opportunities and challenges throughout the history of baseball.

Unlikely Alliances: Native Nations and White Communities Join to Defend Rural Lands by Zoltan Grossman is in the social sciences and chronicles some of the examples of different communities of people coming together against a common enemy, despite previous racial tensions between them.

Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson Yunkaporta is in the history area and also addresses Native American voices directly, describing a more interaction-oriented worldview and use of symbolism to create necessary community connection and build mutual understanding.


All of these titles are linked to Williamson County Public Library’s Online Catalog – you can simply choose to hold them, after signing in to the Catalog with your library card number. Then, wait for confirmation from Circulation and pick up your holds between 9am and 10am Monday through Saturday for minimal contact; or you can come into the Library between 10am and 6pm Monday through Friday and 10am and 1pm on Saturday to retrieve your holds from Circulation.



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