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Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set First Look

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Sea to Summit released an updated collection of cookware earlier this year, and I got my hands on a review copy of the new Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set (Get it direct from Sea to Summit). I’ll be using this over the summer on family camping trips. To make that work, they also sent me an extra Passage Bowl and Cup. This is my first look at the system. I’ll follow-up with a full review after using them for the season.

Sea to Summit has been making some interesting gear that has peaked my curiosity. For example, last year the new Sea to Summit 50L Big River Dry Backpack turned out to be a great option for a waterproof portage pack. I’m also excited about the Spark Down Sleeping Bag (Get it at REI). I’ve been testing that this spring on several trips and already love it.

I’m looking forward to testing this new cookware set out on family trips.

Unboxing Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set

The Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set in a box.

The Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set comes in a simple box with all the cooking gear nested together. The cardboard box makes all the packaging recyclable. The box itself lists the total weight of the cook gear set, which is 1 pound and 13 ounces.

After opening the box, it was simple to figure out the Click-Safe handle which functions as a handle when cooking and as a retaining handle when traveling.

Inside the 3-liter pot was a 2-liter pot, two medium bowls and two cups.

They make variations on this set as well, so there’s likely a set that fits your needs.

The Lidkeep closure clips into place.

Initial Impressions

The set overall seems well-made as I’d expect from Sea to Summit. Everything that I’ve owned from them has been well-made. This cook set has a bunch of different technologies, and I’ll cover the ones that interest me. The pots are aluminum with a ceramic non-stick coating. The handle clicks into place to serve as a handle and flips to work to close the lid. The lids each have a silicone rubber part that clips to the pot when you take the lid off. The lid also has a strainer built into it. The same silicone rubber serves as a place to hold to keep the lid on as you strain it.

The bowls and cups have raised Cool-Grip sidewalls to help prevent the items from getting too hot when filled with hot food or drinks. The curves on the side of the bowls are designed to fit the curve of the Sea to Summit spoons perfectly.

Here are the weights that I measured:

  • 2-liter pot – 9.5 ounces
  • 3-liter pot – 11.3 ounces
  • Bowl – 2.2 ounces
  • Cup with lid – 2.6 ounces

One of the things that I did notice is that three bowls won’t fit into the 2-liter pot with the cups. So, it’s either two bowls and three cups or three bowls and the stove. I’ll likely use it the latter way with the cups stored separately. With the two cups and bowls that it ships with, everything nests fine.

pots and pans on a table

What I’m Hope to Test

In general, I’m hoping to test how well this cook gear works for different types of meals. Since we had our kid, we usually bring freeze-dried meals, and because my kid has a limited number of things he will eat, he usually eats his typical bagel or sandwich with some type of spread on it. I’m hoping that he expands his options this summer and by bringing along a bigger set of pots and cooking gear that we can accommodate him.

That said, we also like to cook more when camping in the front country and having extra pots will make it easier on us. It’s fun to have the different colors of cookware as well. With three different colors, we can each have our own. I really liked the orange bowl and cup, but my kid has decided that it’s his color. My wife loves yellow, so I’ll get the blue one.

From a practical perspective, I’m looking forward to testing the strainer and the non-stick coating to see how well it works. I’m not exactly the best camp cook, but that’s my duty when camping. If I manage to burn something, I’m looking forward to trying out the non-stick coating. It’s been awhile since I’ve cooked this way and when I did it was mainly with smaller pots for just my wife and I or just myself, so it’ll be fun using larger pots to see how much easier it is.

Looking at the cookware from the top

Pricing and Purchasing Details

This is but one of the new sets that they offer and it’s the six piece Sea to Summit Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set. It’s available directly from Sea to Summit here, and it’s also available from REI’s online store here. As of publication it was running $194, but there’s a sale on it right now for $179. If you’re an REI member, you can save 20% right now during their annual Memorial Day weekend sale.

Just for fun, here’s a display of the Sea to Summit cookware at REI.

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