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The other is only available for fishing

For those who do not know what Scaperune is: Scaperune is the opposite of RuneScape Gold Runescape. Scaperune is accessible only through random events. There are only two events that can bring you there. The other is only available for fishing. The randoms include Prison Pete, the Party Room, or Evil Bob's Island. There are numerous strange and chaotic things to see in these places. Prison Pete is exactly the opposite of Party Pete, where you can catch fish cooked in the party room.

A fascinating fact: In order to cook a cooked meal in the Uncooking pots on the island of Evil Bob (is located in ScapeRune), you will need to carry the following message in mind: Anyone who can accomplish this feat will be asked to keep 28 cooked shrimps in their possession at all times. If they are able to get the right one, they'll receive 2 Uncooking. It is amazing to think that you not cook something, and get a rare "very raw" item.

A few nights ago I was out with a pal who I used to play RS with a lot. While cleaning out his laptop, we came across some old PKing screenshots and level ups. So, we thought of renewing our memberships and enjoy ourselves.

First thing I saw were the tabbed bank, I had six million worth of things. It was in cash, but not as much as my time staking back in the days. I also looked into the latest pvp realms and I have to say I love some of the ideas however I am not a fan of some, over all I still prefer the wilderness of old but I'm not complaining about the pvp worlds.

I played around in pvp worlds for a couple of hours, dying three times, and grabbing two kills, but hey I've not played for 2 years, after agitation by dying I went to the barrows and review the prices they've shuffled greatly, but they haven't been able to keep pace with inflation I think a lot of things have exchanged value, so I had the same chance of Buy OSRS Accounts earning huge profits as I did two years ago.


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