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Zhan Kossobutskiy picks up latest win!

Just moments ago unbeaten Kazakh Heavyweight Zhan Kossobutskiy (15-0, 14) [Жан Кособуцкий] scored his latest win, as he stopped Nigerian puncher Onoriode Ehwarieme (18-2, 17), and claimed the WBA International Heavyweight title, over in Germany.

The heavy handed Kossobutskiy had a big breakthrough in round 3, when he dropped ​Ehwarieme with a clubbing right hand that seemed to glance him behind the ear. Ehwarieme got up, and saw out the round, but wasn't able to survive round 4, which saw him being dropped a second time and then having his team throw in the towel whilst he tried to beat the count.

For Kossobutskiy it's a good win on paper, though in reality Ehwarieme looked like he didn't want to be there, and the two knockdowns certainly didn't look like they came from particularly big shots. In fact both seemed to be glancing blows that sent Ehwarieme down.

One thing that is worth noting is that Ehwarieme was actually a short notice replacement opponent after originally scheduled foe Pavel Sour (13-3, 8) pulled out due to Covid19. We dare say that Sour would have put up a better fight than Ehwarieme  did.


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