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Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal Taking A Whole Lot Of Punches To His Jacked Abdomen While Prepping For ‘Road House’

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Road House Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal took on quite the challenge when he signed onto director Doug Liman’s remake of Road House. Not only would he have to compete with the cult classic status of the original film starring Patrick Swayze, but he’d also have to go toe-to-toe with UFC fighter Conor McGregor as well as a slew of other stuntmen who’d be landing blows on the actor.

While the jury’s still out on whether Gyllenhaal can match one of Swayze’s most iconic performances (although, the trailer did look fun as hell.), there’s no denying that Gyllenhaal pushed his body to the limit for the film. We’ve already seen stills of the actor’s insanely jacked transformation, but now he’s revealing how much punishment he learned to take while prepping for Road House.

In a new video posted to Instagram, Gyllenhaal showed his millions of followers that he’s fully prepared to take a punch and then some.

“Lots of punches thrown, lots of punches taken,” Gyllenhaal wrote. “Thanks @stevebrownwrestler & @garrettxwarren and the incredible stunt team on @roadhousemovie”

Gyllenhaal isn’t exaggerating. In the training video, he’s seen taking 40 punches (2o on each side of his torso) and that’s just in preparation for the film. That doesn’t even count the actual blows he’ll have to take on set, which judging by the trailer, will be a considerable amount and brutally delivered by Conor McGregor no less.

You can watch Jake Gyllenhaal take a whole lot of punches straight to the torso below:

Road House starts streaming March 21 on Prime Video.

(Via Jake Gyllenhaal on Instagram)



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