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Stephen A. Smith giving sex advice is something I never knew I needed


Stephen A. after dark is wild.

Stephen A. Smith conjured mixed emotions, I get it. Has First Take greatly contributed to the decline of quality sports broadcasting? Yes. Did it start the trend of hot-takes dominating the sports sphere? Absolutely. Do I still want to hear about Stephen A. Smith give his opinions on sex and how to lie to your partner? Indeed I do.

The Stephen A. Smith Show has been running for a month now on YouTube for those who need more yelling in their lives, but unlike screaming about the Cowboys, SAS helps fans with burning questions about their love lives.

Sometimes it involves fooling a date when you’re about to be caught in a lie.

Far be it from me to overrule Stephen A here, but dude... you’ve got to own up immediately. You can spin it so it’s not so bad, but you can’t create some ludicrous sitcom plot where you cater a “good enough” meal and then come clean later. Here, I have a suggestion.

“I’ve got to come clean with you. I like you so much that I wanted to impress you, but I’m really not a very good cook. I’m still learning, and I don’t want to ruin our evening — so I’m going to have something incredible brought in. Maybe we can cook together on our next date?”

Then you take a cooking class in between or practice a ton so you’re not a total dope in the kitchen. Impressing someone then saying it was a lie is a recipe for disaster.

It’s not just tricks on lying Stephen A is good at. He’s also a master of sex.

“Take notes. Take lessons. I’m kinda experienced in something like this, just trust me on this.”

Wow, congrats on all the boning Mr. Smith.

There are times he takes live calls too so people can yell at him about sports, and they’re entertaining too.

At the end of the day it’s still mostly about the sex tho.

I don’t know how this became must-watch programming, but here we are.



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