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Kyle Lowry quietly collected all the comforts of home


After a loss, Kyle Lowry exited the Scotiabank Arena court via the tunnel he's spent hours of his life in. Awaiting him, dressed in a fuzzy, blue & white coat was Pascal Siakam. They embraced immediately, sporting giant smiles, and when they broke apart they joined hands. It turned into a dap of sorts, but it was really just a reaching out to one another and they walked hand in hand over to Masai Ujiri who Lowry embraced afterwards. Lowry, the player, opened the scoring in last night's game with his patented pull-up in transition. But, he closed it out as Lowry, the human.

There was a game, of course, and a good one! However, for as long as Lowry is still playing basketball, every time he steps foot in Scotiabank Arena these games are an excuse for everyone to revisit feelings about him, and for him to reconnect with all the people who didn't follow him to Miami. As someone who lived in Mexico, far from the people I love, and now covers the Raptors in Toronto, far from the people I love; there is nothing like affirming your love/affection/fondness for someone with a hug that confirms "Good. You're here and can be grabbed."

"It's always great to come home, always great to be in the city." Lowry said prior to the game. And even though Lowry started out his career as a player who glowered at Toronto media that did not understand what made him so good, and did not always discuss he or his body fairly; he became forthcoming as he heaped praise on the younger Raptors, many of whom he referred to as beloved. He's now forthcoming with media as he showers praise on the city, the people, and all the big & little parts of the Raptors organization. He is the GROAT, he is an icon, and he knows that.

"Once the refs don't let him trick them, we're in good shape."

Fred VanVleet on Kyle Lowry

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