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The Assignment

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The Assignment is the first DLC forThe Evil Within, as well as the first of a two-part DLC, the second being The Consequence. Set before and during the events of the main game, it revolves around Juli Kidman, explaining what she was doing inside Ruvik's mind after being separated from Sebastian and Joseph, while also delving into her past and revealing her true motives.Contents1 Plot2 Gameplay2.1 Enemies3 Trivia4 Concept ArtPlot[]Chapter 1: An OathThe Chapter opens up with Marcelo Jimenez's notes from one of his trials. He details the following:They existed together, but each saw things in their own ways. It was as if each patient's consciousness filled in the blanks, creating their own reality.-Test notes from Trial 716-AXDr. Marcelo JimenezKidman is assigned to take on the mission of retrieving Leslie from the STEM. She enters the machine, and while in the forest she is attacked by Oscar Connelly and falls off a cliff. She then hears Mobius talking to her, and later attempts to use a...


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