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Why is slayer so important in OSRS?

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It is necessary to train your skills to progress and improve your character in OSRS. Even though training all skills is essential, Slayer in OSRS and a few other skills are way more powerful than others.By reading this guide, you will find out why OSRS Slayer is so important. We will discuss why you need to train this skill and what benefits you will get if you invest resources into Slayer. The guide below might come in handy not only for beginners but also for experienced players.Also read:Best RPGs for AndroidBest free games to play on your iPhone, iPad or AndroidWHY DO YOU NEED TO TRAIN SLAYER IN OSRS?There are several reasons why Slayer is an important skill in OSRS. Even though this skill is widely required at the late game stages, beginners also can benefit from it.The main reason to train Slayer in OSRS is that this skill, like any other, is required to complete the main storyline. You don’t need to have it maxed, but training Slayer is essential to progress in the game.The seco...


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