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Elders appointed new chairman of EHL board

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Peter Elders has been appointed as the new chairman of the Euro Hockey League board following the latest board meeting.

The Dutchman joined the EHL board earlier this year and is looking forward to the next evolution of the world’s best club hockey competition.

“The EHL’s history is synonymous with innovation and I am looking forward to helping to bring it on further,” he said.

“It is an exciting time with last season seeing the Wagener Stadium sell out for our GRAND FINALS while this season, the women’s competition will expand significantly to 12 teams.

“I would like to thank not only our outgoing EHL board members and outgoing chairman Hans Erik Tuijt, but frankly all of those special people involved in the past like Jons Hensel on their excellent contributions to making this famous competition what it is today.”

Off the field, EuroHockey recently increased its shareholding in the EHL to 83%. Elders is also a board member of EuroHockey and so he sees the synergy between the two organisations allowing a healthy space to develop in.

“I am looking to use my experience as a board member of EuroHockey to the benefit of the EHL and look forward to increasing the mutual collaboration between the two organisations.”

Welcoming his arrival, EuroHockey President Marcos Hofmann added: “Peter is no stranger to the engine-room of any tournament from his years in umpiring and officiating. He has been a Board member at KNHB, which is the gauge we all measure event management.

“And, from my experience working with him, he likes pushing out-of-the-box ideas and minority opinions, both very much needed going forward. EHL needs exactly this set of skills at this time, and Peter brings them to the room.”

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