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Play ping-pong on any table in your home with this kit

Play ping-pong on any table in your home with this kit

TL;DR: Start a ping-pong match no matter where you are with the Home Portable Table Tennis Set for $42.99, a 13% savings as of Sept. 3. 

If lockdown has taught us anything, it's that we, as a society, are remarkably creative when it comes to finding things to do within the confines of our homes. The latest way you can switch things up? Convert any surface in your house into a ping-pong table. All you need is this Home Portable Table Tennis Set and a competitive spirit.

Ping-pong, known as table tennis to some, is basically like tennis, but on a smaller scale, lower impact, and you don't have to leave your house. That doesn't mean it can't get intense, though. The only challenge, usually, is finding the space to keep a table. A regulation ping-pong table is nine feet by five feet, so even when folded up, it takes up a good chunk of square footage that you likely don't have to spare. That's where this portable set really shines. If you have a flat surface — i.e., a kitchen island, a coffee table, a desk — then you have a ping-pong table.  Read more...

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