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Nike Victory Swim Campaign


Back in October 2019, Aquabatix was contacted by Picture Farm Production to consult and lead the underwater direction for the upcoming Nike Victory Swim collection campaign.

Aquabatix synchronised swimmer in Nike Victory Swim campaign

The Nike Victory Swim collection provides women with modesty and movement. It includes a full coverage swimsuit along with a swimming hijab, a tunic top and leggings especially adapted for movement in water. Nike engaged with several female influencers and athletes including Arinna Wira, a fashion advocate from Malaysia, Bristol based model Ikram Abdi Omar and Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari who swims regularly for aerobic training. The campaign was shot by renowned photographer Paola Kudacki.

The Nike Victory Swim ambassadors were flown over to Barcelona, Spain, to shoot an instore video and commercial images, in the beautiful Olympic diving pool situated on Mont Juic. However, most of the ambassadors were not that confident to model underwater, which is where Aquabatix jumped in to enhance the shoot.

Nike Victory Swim campaign shoot location Barcelona

Aquabatix provided two Spanish synchronised swimmers for the shoot. Clara Basiana, who was the underwater co-ordinator for the project, to show moves and ideas to the photographer and assist the models with creating these, as well as teaching them how to hold themselves underwater and how to hold their faces. Clara also featured in the campaign posing in some eye capturing images. This wasn’t decided beforehand, but due to Clara showing some visually captivating movements that synchronised swimmers excel at that the models just could not achieve, images of Clara looked too good not to be used. One image with Clara was even featured on the cover of a magazine it was that stunning.

Aquabatix synchronised swimmer in the Nike Victory Swim Campaign

The other synchronised swimmer, Claudia Roca, was used as a stand in due to her skills and expertise of spending many hours in and under water. Claudia helped the photographer in setting up lighting and showing poses and the ambassadors.

Aquabatix synchronised swimmer underwater in Nike swim campaign

The campaign was picked up and featured in outlets such as Vogue, Stylist, The Telegraph, The Independent, The New Yorker, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle just to name a few.

Ben Miller from Picture Farm Production stated “We could not have done it without you”.

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