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Shredders review: a passionate and unserious homage to snowboarding


Critics who describe a work as a love letter to something else have obviously never written a love letter. Real love letters are written by people so ruined by an oxytocin-soaked brain that they’re compelled to pick up a quill and rattle off paragraph after paragraph of rambling, horny nonsense, a hot stream of unalloyed adoration that is destined to one day be read aloud in a grave voice by the host of a mid-tier crime podcast.

Shredders is an actual love letter to snowboarding. It might have been coded using cut up letters from magazines. It is a pure, geeky, effusive veneration of the sport and its players, and so sincere about its passion for going down the side of a mountain on a long bit of wood that it occasionally verges on embarrassing. You’ve heard of dancing like nobody's watching, now get ready for a game about snowboarding made as though nobody will ever play it.

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