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OlliOlli World is a good-spirited renovation of punishing skateventures


To perform an ollie is to commune with gods. Or maybe just look cool. OlliOlli World is shaping up to be a good-spirited renovation of the 2D skateboarding series that has traditionally been quite punishing. This one's got a flashy third dimension, moon-faced cartoon characters, and a plucky story to match. We're told of Skate Godz who once appointed a human representative on earth. But she's about to retire and needs a prodigy to step forward to fill her Vans. The player is that potential new conduit between holy half-pipers and humanity. In other words, this is a quest to become Skate Pope. Caliph of kickflips. Dalai Slama. Having both popped and shoved-it through a heap of levels in preview, I'm happy to report you can all sit down. I'm the chosen one. It's me.

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