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Practice Back On In Sarasota




After a disruption in the delivery of Covid-19 test results due to winter storms that caused pre-event practice for Olympic Trials I at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Fla. to be halted Saturday, crews are back on the water Sunday morning.

USRowing announced in a Friday statement that test results for some athletes had not been delivered in time for the venue to be declared safe, creating a “competitive disadvantage for those athletes.”

By Sunday morning, the situation had been resloved enough to open the venue for practice. Asked if the problem had been resolved to prevent a disruption in the Monday start of the week-long event, Mat Imes, USRowing high performance director said, “It’s a fluid situation that we are monitoring.”

Here is the message USRowing sent out Friday.

USRowing, in conjunction with the High Performance Committee, USRowing AAC Reps, and discussions with the USOPC, have determined that being unable to practice in an event due to the lack of a result from a PCR pre-test, and having followed the proper timeline to obtain that test, poses a competitive disadvantage for those athletes at this stage.

Therefore, it has been determined that events will not be allowed to practice on water at the venue until it has been cleared to practice.

USRowing will determine at 6:00 a.m. if an event will be allowed to practice that day. We are waiting until this time to allow as many test results to process as possible. If this should happen sooner we will notify accordingly. Notification will come by email to this list and the trials Whats App group to those subscribed.

At this time, no events have been cleared to practice on water at the venue tomorrow morning.

Ideally, access for all will be available Sunday morning. USRowing has taken additional steps to help ensure that is the case.

Accredited athletes and coaches will have access to the venue to retrieve equipment if they wish to practice off-site during regatta hours. Additionally, these athletes will have access to the ergs during these hours. USRowing is working to establish ergometer access times for athletes who have not yet been cleared to be accredited and will update these times by tomorrow at 8 a.m.

If you are non-accredited, want to move your equipment off-site for practice and your coach or team is unable to move the equipment for you, contact USRowing staff to assist you.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these circumstances.

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