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The Cypher Summer Climbing Sweepstakes

The Cypher Summer Climbing Sweepstakes

To celebrate the start of summer, Cypher’s giving away everything you need to update your rack and make the most of the season’s long days and dry rock. The prize kit includes these sleek, lightweight essentials:  

Mydas Ultra Quickdraws (6-pack) – At a stunning 0.8 ounces per draw, this ultralight set was designed with alpine and trad climbers in mind. 

Pacifico Multisport Polarized Sunglasses – These grippy, lightweight shades come with removable side shields that block both wind and peripheral glare from the sun.

Double Boar Hair Bouldering Brush – Durable, sustainable, and super versatile, this brush has two types of bristles to provide different levels of brushing precision. 

Enigma Liquid Chalk – Long-lasting and easy to apply, the Enigma formula is perfect for summer projecting and gym sessions alike.  

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