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Bouldering • Best Crashpads for 2021

Since they haven't yet started importing the Ocun Paddy Incubator into the US and therefore the greatest bigpad ever made is unavailable here, I have to buy an inferior pad. I want to talk about where we are with that right now. Do I really have to buy an Organic pad and then talk about the color choices I made and what they mean to me with all the other Organic pad dooshbags at the crag? Is there anything else on the market that comes close?

Note that I have a full quiver of pads in a basement in Estes. So this is just going to be the ones on top that you see in the pics. So it is important to buy pads that look good, but not the same pads that everyone else have that look good... but like, better functioning and also better looking pads.


Statistics: Posted by Lox — Sat Feb 20, 2021 10:10 pm



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