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Bouldering • Re: CARS FUCKING RULE

Lox wrote:
You can get a helluva deal on a used Ranger and they are actually solid little trucks. Get good tires and a couple of bags of sand to throw over the back wheelwells in the winter and you're good to go. I think Oldskool is a fan and likely has some advice on how to pick one up for a good deal. Might be better off heading south and driving it back when this virus settles down to get one with high miles and low salt damage.

I personally went with another Subaru for my recent vehicle purchase. Don't like the big Outbacks though, so went with the 05-09 model years. Also a solid car at a good price - AWD vs. the truck bed. I was looking at 4-door Tacomas as a truck option and those things hold their value like holy fuck no way am I paying that for a 20 year old truck.

If anyone wants to buy an absolute autobahn weapon/crashpad hauler in Fontainebleau, hit me up. We can discover the joys of buying and selling used cars from across the ocean together...

Reminds me of this time I was driving the scenic 857 down to Morgantown, WV (now Criz if you're gonna be a proper SWPABP member you gotta take the 119 to 857 route to Coops and not puss out on 79, 857 is especially beautiful in the fall and there's a nice tobacco store on the way too). This is back when I was an undergrad and still had my grand cherokee on 31s. So we get hit by a surprise snow squall and I'm like no biggie I can tear through this shit but I'm starting to get worried about the traffic slowing down in front of me. With each mile the snow starts to accumulate on the road and these WV dooshes are slowing to a crawl. So there I was on the last fucking uphill before easy drag into Cheat Lake. And we're inching up this steep goddamn hill. Then we're stopped. The whole mile long hill is bumper to bumper. I see this 2 wheel drive S-10 spinning out a hundred feet from the top. Jesus Christ. I tell my girlfriend, chill babe, I'll be back in a minute. I run up and jump onto the tail gate. The fat fucks inside look kinda freaked out like OMG how are we gonna get our fat asses unstuck and what the fuck is this kid doing. I yell KEEP GOING. The wheels start spinning again and I am just jumping up and down on that rear bumper like a lunatic. And each time my weight comes down, the tires get traction and they get 10 ft further. I bounce. They move a little faster. They're gonna make it over the top. I jump off. But then they stop for no reason. I motion with my hands like NO KEEP GOING YOU GODDAMN FATASS REDNECKS and they step on it and finally make it over. I run back to my Jeep and then traffic starts moving again. We all made it over the hill.

Besides crushing Ernie, it was my greatest moment.

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