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Do You Have Olympic Fever Yet?

Rebecca Tulis

Do you have Olympic Fever yet? I do, as you can tell from the clue for DISCUS in Monday's puzzle, which was [ ___ throw (event at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics)]. We also had EPEE at 24-Across on Thursday, clued as [Sword you'll soon see at the Tokyo Olympics].

Lots of events, names, and lingo associated with the Games make their way into crosswords. Along with the ubiquitous EPEE, the LUGE and JUDO have proven to be the most useful Olympic sports to puzzle writers.

And do we remember the great champions of yesteryear? We sure do, as long as their names have great letters! Who can forget Norwegian figure skater Sonja HENIE, who won gold medals in 1928, 1932, and 1936, and whose vowel-rich surname is every bit as beautiful as her performances on the ice?

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