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24 Remote Night Shift Jobs to Do When the Kids Are Sleeping

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For those of you who have kids, daytime hours are often packed with diaper changes, storytimes, school activities, sports, and the like.With so few hours in the day (even with naptimeand school schedules), squeezing in time to earn money can be a challenge.Thankfully, with work from home opportunities at an all-time high, you can easily earn money when the kids are asleep—all from the comfort of home!Grab your PJs, a cup of cocoa (or your beverage of choice), pull up a seat, and start making cash! We have your jumpstart right here with this list of 24 remote night shift jobs you can do when the kids are catching some zzzs.Remote Night Shift Jobs1.ByronDo you love the idea of working as a virtual assistant but hate the thought of having to track down potential clients? Byron hires virtual assistants to complete small microtasks for their clients. This could be anything from internet research to booking hotels and airfare for clients. With Byron, you can set your own schedule, working as...


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