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Refreshing homemade Caribbean ginger beer recipe

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A refreshingly delicious ginger drink, made using fresh ginger root and spices.Caribbean ginger beer is a refreshing drink enjoyed across the Caribbeanislands.I am addicted to ginger drinks!I collect gingerale by the cases. I have ginger tea in full stock. And well I love to drink agood old homemade ginger beer.Ginger beer is a Caribbean favorite.Though you will see a lot of "Jamaican ginger beer recipe" and "Barbados gingerbeer", this drink is in fact, an "insert any island" drink. It is a Caribbeanginger beer.It is a popular drink in the Caribbean, especiallyduring Christmas time. It joins the likes ofsorrelandponche de cremeas the main drinks at this time of the year.Though we may all havesome slight variations to our process, the drink is common island-wide.What is ginger beer?If you never had a ginger beer before it's definitely no comparison toale.Unlike ginger ale's slight taste of ginger, this drink has avery heavy flavor of ginger that can at times "burn your chest" with the s...



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