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Sourdough Drop Biscuits Recipe

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Jump to RecipeThese sourdough drop biscuits require NO rolling, and no cutting. All you need to do is mix up the dough, drop them on the sheet and bake! Packed with buttery flavor, these flaky buttermilk drop biscuits are the perfect way to use up some of that sourdough discard! Freezes beautifully.When we think of biscuits, we think of an experienced Granny whipping up a batch of buttermilk biscuits with her eyes closed. They are perfect every.single.time. Flaky, buttery, and sky high. The thing that frustrates us so much is that Granny doesn't even seem to follow a recipe! She just makes absolutely amazing biscuits every single time, and yet we can't seem to get them consistent...even with following a recipe! Well, there is something to be said for experience in the kitchen. In my early years as a home cook, I had many more failures that successes. I'm not sure exactly what kept me going, but I continued on cooking and baking with passion and zeal. I burned more things than I got rig...



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