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Homemade Restaurant-Style Indian Garlic Naan Recipe |

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Sharing with you one more, special dear to my family, recipe of Indian flat bread, world famous as "Garlic Naan". Not just me, this naan is favorite of everyone who have ever tried Indian food. Isn't it?A quintessential Indian bread served in every Indian Eatery, big or small, Garlic Naan is heart-throb of million Indian Cuisine Lovers! My family is no exception either. It's funny, when I told them that I finally shared my Naan Recipe on blog, no one..... simply NO ONE, asked me, how did it go?! They just asked... was it a Garlic Naan? I said, "No! it was not a Garlic Naan. A plain butter naan. I didn't want to jump to Garlic Naan recipe without sharing the basic naan bread." You know, what was the answer, "uhmm... okay... I'm sure.... garlic naan would have been better!"Not going too far, even my husband, asked me to make a garlic naan from leftover dough of plain butter naan. ;)Well... well.. I get it... garlic naan is so so desirable. Hence, I'm here to share the recipe with you. Th...



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