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Oobleck - A Simple Two Ingredient Sensory Material

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Kyra Sep 12, 2018 •7 minutes to read Oobleck (or also called goop) is an inexpensive and amazing sensory material. It’s a non-Newtonian fluid that has properties of both a solid and a liquid at once. This means that it looks like a simple bowl of liquid but if you apply pressure by hitting it with your hand, rapidly poking your finger into it, or trying to lift a submerged spoon out of the bowl it will freeze up and act like a solid. For the example of the spoon you can break off a section of the oobleck and lift it out of the bowl if you’re quick. If you stop applying the pressure and the oobleck relaxes it will act like a liquid. That spoonful of oobleck you just pulled out… it will drip off your spoon as it ‘melts’. If instead of poking the oobleck you instead rest your finger lightly on the surface of the oobleck it can slowly sink into it. If you’re apply the tiniest of pressure you can move your finger around. The fun comes when you try to pull out your finger. If you try your fi...



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