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Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe — Sugar & Cloth

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A classic and easy chicken tortilla soup recipe that’s fresh and flavorful and loaded with veggies for a healthy boost!While most soups are best when it’s chilly out, chicken tortilla soup seems to be a favorite all year long. Maybe it’s the bright, strong Tex Mex flavors, maybe it’s how easy it is to throw together a pot, or maybe it’s just because it’s so good! I, Rebecca am going to have to go with all three.Here’s a great chicken tortilla soup recipe that can be made in a matter of minutes. It’s also loaded with veggies for a healthy boost!You can roast your own chicken breasts, or use a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken to make dinner a snap. Jump to Recipe Print RecipeTable of ContentsIngredients Needed for a Chicken Tortilla Soup RecipeHow to Roast Your Own ChickenHow to Make Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup on the StovetopHow to Make Chicken Tortilla Soup in the Crock PotHow to Adjust the Spice Level to Your SoupServing Ideas for Chicken Tortilla SoupHow to Store Chicken Tortilla SoupMor...



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