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Fall Apart Tender Carne Adovada Recipe

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If you love hearty dinners with fall apart tender pork, then this New Mexico Carne Adovada recipe is for you! Not to be confused with adobada, this easy classic New Mexican dish Carne Adovada is made with juicy pork pieces simmered in a flavorful red chile sauce. Table of Contents showNew Mexican Carne AdovadaAlthough I love a warming bowl of stick-to-your-ribs Texas style beef chili, this simple carne adovada recipe may just be my new favorite pork dish. Made with seared pork butt or pork shoulder slowly simmered in a chile-based sauce, New Mexico-style carne adovada is irresistibly delicious!The red chile sauce or adobo sauce is made with a combination of ancho, chipotle and New Mexican chiles, seasonings, and spices that are then blended together until velvety smooth. The smokiness from the ancho chiles, the earthiness of pasilla peppers, and a hint of sweetness from chipotle peppers give carne adovada stew its signature flavor profile.Once ready, the spoon-tender chunks of pork are...



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