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Homemade Caramel Corn (Old-Fashioned Recipe) - Sally's Baking Addiction

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This is my late grandmother’s recipe for homemade caramel corn. Brimming with buttery flavor, sweet crunch, and from-scratch caramel, each handful (you’ll want to eat it that way!!) is undeniably irresistible. You’ll make the 6-ingredient caramel sauce on the stove, and while a candy thermometer is helpful, you certainly can get by without one. The recipe below is for plain caramel popcorn, but if you want to dress it up, go ahead and add nuts, melted chocolate, and/or a dash of cinnamon.Every holiday season when I was growing up, my late grandmother made a double batch of this beloved homemade caramel corn. Friends and family would flock to the sweet and salty snack, and it never lasted more than a couple of days. Grandma was happy to repeat the process; serving it brought her so much joy.I started this website 2 weeks after she passed away back in 2011, and I originally published this recipe a few years later. I also included a variation of it in two of my published cookbooks (Sally’...



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