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Easy Vegan Wellington (Step-By-Step Recipe)

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Jump to RecipeStop what you are doing and make this vegan Wellington recipe! Yes, I am serious, it is that good!Make it for your holiday dish, make it for your birthday, or make it for a random dinner! When you think of beef Wellington, you think of a “luxury” dish that you get at a fancy restaurant. It looks really finicky and difficult to make.But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Making beef Wellington vegan is SO EASY! And the results are SO impressive!This dish has gotten ooo’s and ahh’s from literally every single person I have served it to. Just wait and see!You will be SO proud of your work and vow to make this recipe for every dinner because it was that easy and came out so pretty!All you have to do is prepare the filling, wrap it in some puff pastry, and cook it for about 40 minutes. It is so freaking delicious and amazing! Imagine savory vegetables wrapped in pillowy soft puff pastry and baked to perfection.This vegan mushroom Wellington uses a variety of veggies for...



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