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Four Easy Ethiopian Recipes for a Fantastic Feast | Kitchen Frau

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Have fun and cook a traditional Ethiopian feast! Make up a batch of Misir Wat, (a savoury lentil stew), Zigni Wat (spicy ground beef), Gomen Wat (creamy stewed spinach) and then mop it all up with Injera (soft, spongy flatbreads). No utensils needed! (All four Ethiopian recipes here.)This month for our Eat the World recipe challenge, we travel back to the continent of Africa, to the exotic country of Ethiopia which is centered in the Horn of Africa (that chunk of Africa that juts out to the northeast). Ethiopia is the largest country situated in the Horn, bordering one of our previously visited countries, Kenya, to the north. Completely landlocked, Ethiopia is a vast land of rugged topography, with five diverse regions of highlands, lowlands, and rich agricultural Lakes Region.The food that comes to mind first when I think of Ethiopia is always injera, the large spongy sourdough flatbread made of teff (the world's tiniest grain). A few years ago we discovered the lovely Ethiopian resta...



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