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Easy Vegan Gnocchi Recipe

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Home » All Recipes » Vegetarian PastaPublished: Jan 15, 2020 · by Megan · This post may contain affiliate links.Jump to RecipeI bet you didn't know that making Vegan Gnocchi at home is actually incredibly easy and only requires THREE INGREDIENTS?! Yes, you read that right- all it takes is potato, flour, and salt to make the most delicious eggless potato gnocchi from scratch!Ingredient notes:While gnocchi is an Italian dish traditionally made with eggs, it's actually incredibly easy to make vegan because of the starch from potatoes! Before we get into the details on how to make eggless potato gnocchi, let's make sure you have the right ingredients on hand.Russet or Yukon Gold PotatoesFirst things first, let's chat about potatoes. To make gnocchi you really want to use starchy potatoes vs. waxy potatoes. Similar to my Vegan Mashed Potatoes, I recommend using peeled russet potatoes in this recipe.Russet Potatoes are easily mashed and get fluffy after being cooked. They also happen to be l...



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