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Traditional Polish Kompot Recipe [Supereasy 5 Minute Recipe]

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Kompot is probably the most popular non-alcoholic Polish drink. It can be found in every home in Poland. The kompot recipe is ridiculously easy, you can make it with just three ingredients, where one of which is… water. Perfect for a homemade fruit drink!What Is Kompot?Kompot is a non-alcoholic fruit drink that’s popular in Eastern European and Balkan countries. It most probably originated in Russia around the 15th century. It was mostly used as a method to preserve fruits for the long winter months when fruits were scarce, just like sauerkraut was invented as a means to store cabbage.Made without fermentation, kompot is non-alcoholic drink that the entire family can enjoy. In fact, it is absolutely loved by children, and because it is very healthy, they can enjoy it as much as they want. It can be served hot or cold and is popular all year round.In Polish cuisine, kompot is usually made with seasonal fruits. All you need are fruits, water, and sweetener (optionally). However, it can a...



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