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Almond Cake Recipe (VIDEO)

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This is the easiest almond cake with just 4 main ingredients. This cake has a soft, moist crumb and is lightly sweet with a pop of lemon flavor. You won’t believe it is a grain free and gluten free cake recipe!This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.This almond cake comes together quickly and is perfect for unexpected company or satisfying the evening sweet tooth.My mother particularly loved this recipe and no matter how old you are, when your Mom is impressed, it’s a big deal :).We added our Amazon affiliate links for the tools we used to make this recipe.One of my readers, Yana P. wrote in and shared this Calabrian Walnut Cake with us and since there is a Walnut allergy in the family, we made it (even simpler) into an almond flour cake and changed the proportions. I made it 3 times in 1 week and it disappeared fast every single time. Its a keeper!Watch How to Make Almond Cake:The texture of this almond cake is so soft and fluffy, you would never guess it is m...



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