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Everything-Bagel Rugelach With Onion Jam Recipe

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Why It WorksCream cheese in the dough means a tangy flavor, easier rolling, and a sturdy pastry that holds its shape for a bronzed, buttery, flaky cookie.Sprinkling fresh bread crumbs over the filling thickens any potential runniness.Baking the rugelach on stacked baking sheets prevents the bottoms of the cookies from burning.Egg-washing the cookies before baking gives them a shiny, bright finish.My love for rugelach began with my grandmother. She made them year round, for grandkids, potlucks, and parties.The dough was tangy with cream cheese, and the filling always included her secret ingredient: a sprinkle of fresh breadcrumbs to keep the filling and nuts in place.But beyond the dough and the breadcrumbs, you can be bold and creative with the fillings. I particularly like this nutella, brown butter, and peanut version, but see what delicious jam and nuts you have stashed in your pantry. Chances are good you have the ingredients for a batch of raspberry-almond filling.There also is a...



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