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How to makeHomemade Kettle Corn Recipe Kettle Corn

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As an Amazon Associate and affiliate with other networks, I may earn a commission from purchases made through links within this post. For more information read my disclosure pagehere.This homemade Kettle Corn is the BEST homemade Kettle corn recipe you are going to find! I say that as a kettle corn fanatic! This recipe tastes JUST like what you get when you go to a fair. The perfect combination of sweet and salty with this delicious popcorn recipe!Homemade Kettle CornMy favorite part of fairs is the kettle corn. My husband likes to joke around saying that I’m a blood hound for kettle corn because i can smell it miles away and then I go and find it. I am not leaving the fair grounds until I get a bite (well, a lot more then one) of the awesome flavors.I LOVE Kettle Corn! Seriously I love it and I have no shame at all with how much I love it!I have tried many of the microwave kettle corns that you can get at the grocery store but nothing tasted like real stuff. Seriously, don’t waste you...



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