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20 Seasoning Mixes You Can Make Yourself- Easy DIY Seasoning Recipes

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Seasonings are a pretty great way to add flavor to any meal (think Montreal Steak Seasoning). Often, in many cases, the seasonings actually make the dish. For example, what would chili be without chili seasoning? But store-bought, prepared seasonings can also be pretty costly and contain unnecessary additives. Thankfully there are many options for seasoning mixes that you can make yourself, and you get way more bang for your buck! We’ve collected 20 Seasoning Mixes You Can Make Yourself to save money while still making flavorful dishes!Making your own seasoning mixes is so easy. With these recipes, you’ll never have to buy spice mixes at the store ever again!Extra Flavor Without Extra Calories. Homemade seasoning is the perfect way to add flavor to your food without adding unwanted calories.Restaraunt Taste At Home.By simply adding seasoning other than salt and pepper, one might be amazed at how deliciously different familar dishes will taste.Freshness.Making your own seasoning and ble...



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