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15 WACKY Bacon Recipes

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Love bacon? Like really, really love bacon? If so, then you will love these 15 Unusual Bacon Recipes. We scoured the net to find the perfect mix of sweet, salt, and fat-dripping goodness. YUM!We’ve all heard of bacon with potatoes, bacon in a chicken, avocados tomatoes, your favorite sauce in a salad, and a number of pasta dishes. But have you tried bacon beyond your usual BLT, turkey bacon, or bacon guacamole recipe? I bet not! This list is going to shock you and your oven with different recipes you can try that are, yes, unusual, but delectable!Looking for ways to cook bacon dishes? Check out our Tips for Foodiespost full of kitchen hacks and tricks.Unusual Bacon Recipes You SHOULD Try!1. Maple Bacon Cupcakes | Source: Ashlee MarieScratch bacon and white bread or cheese sandwich in the morning. Does anyone like bacon and maple syrup for breakfast or brunch? Then you should try these maple bacon cupcakes. Any bacon lover will be happy with this delicious maple bacon cupcake recipe.2....



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