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Elderflower Liqueur Recipe

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Jump to RecipeCapture the taste of summer with my Elderflower Liqueur recipe. Freshly picked elderflowers, vodka and lemon combine to work their magic, et voila, homemade St Germain!Elderflower liqueur is so easy to make. Once you’ve made a bottle you will be looking forward to next year’s Elderflower season so you can make more. A big bonus is that a litre bottle of good quality vodka costs less than a half litre of St Germain so your liqueur is almost half price. Plus, you have the enjoyment and satisfaction of foraging and making your own delicious liqueur, a win win situation.Here in the UK and France, elderflower season starts towards the end of May through to mid June. However, this is not set in stone, it’s weather dependent. Some years after a mild winter I have been able to pick flowers at the beginning of May.I love elderflowers, their tiny delicate blossoms exuding a sweet intoxicating scent which heralds the beginning of summer. I find myself looking forward to the short fl...



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