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Kumquat Cardamom Liqueur Recipe (Waste Not Want Not Challenge)

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March 12, 2018 Reese Moore Kumquats.I stumbled across them at the local grocery store yesterday, which reminded me I still had a delicious and easy to make spiced kumquat liqueur lingering in my fridge, that is in dire need of a blog post and also a chilled glass after a long day.You heard me wax poetic about them during the last Waste Not Want Not Challenge.But when you have a bumper crop of these feisty little citrus fruits and are determined to use them all, it's easy to run out of steam. Kumquat upsidedown cake, kumquat chutney, kumquat tangine, kumquat marmalade, kumquat ice cream, kumquat fennel salad dressing... I WAS SO SICK OF KUMQUATS! And still had several pints left to use up! How do you use a ton of kumquats quickly?! Few recipes are as easy a way to use a boatload of kumquats as making a take on limoncello, which basically starts out as an infused vodka, so that's where I finished my Waste Not Want Not Challenge. But being more than a little extra when it comes to a good...



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