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Paige Spiranac claims men have dated her in past just to get free GOLF LESSONS when she was ‘desperate’


FORMER professional golfer Paige Spiranac has claimed that men in her past have only dated her to take advantage of her expertise in the sport.

The 28-year-old – a former player on the Cactus Tour – turned professional in 2015, but hasn’t competed since missing the cut in Dubai in 2016.

Paige Spiranac has revealed men in her past used her for free golf lessons

The American even revealed some of her previous love interests hid the fact that they were already in relationships

The American has since become a social media sensation, asking her 3 million followers on Instagram this week who will come out on top in the 2021 Masters.

But Spiranac has revealed that she has been used in the past by a number of guys who disguised dates as an opportunity to receive free golf lessons.

Speaking on her podcast, ‘Playing-A’Round’, she said last year: “I would always open up a conversation with, ‘Hey I play golf’ and anything along those lines and I thought that it would work.

“Unfortunately, guys were using me for golf lessons, golf equipment and golf balls.

“(They’d say) ‘So Paige, let’s go out on a golf date. I’ll take you to this driving range and we can just hit golf balls’ and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, that sounds awesome’. It would turn into an hour lesson of me just helping the guy become a better golfer.

Guys were using me for golf lessons, golf equipment and golf balls. That happened all the time, since I was desperate and I wanted guys to like me

Paige Spiranac

“That happened all the time, since I was desperate and I wanted guys to like me.”

Spiranac is now happily engaged, but she went on to claim that several of her previous love interests were also in other relationships when they exploited her for golf pointers.

She added: “There was this other guy who did the same thing but he wanted golf lessons, and he would text me like 24/7, he was really cute and flirty with me.

“But the only time we would go on ‘dates’ – and I put that in air quotes – is because they were lessons, and so I would sit there and give him lessons, and he didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend for six months!

“Six months and all of these lessons and nothing happened. He was like, ‘I just want to take it slow, can you help me with my takeaway?’

“It happened all the time and I never learnt my lesson because I thought, ‘This is my way in, guys think I’m cool because I play golf’. Then it just turned into me giving them golf balls and getting them on courses for free.

“They were all in other relationships!”

Paige hasn’t played professionally since 2016



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