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You’ve been curling your hair all wrong… the right way only takes a minute for your WHOLE head


THOSE who’ve ever attempted to curl their hair will know how time-consuming the process can be.

Not keen on a strenuous arm workout whilst curling individual strands of hair, one savvy whizz has come up with a genius solution that will give you a salon-worthy finish with virtually no effort.

Her hacks have amassed the whizz a notable fanbase of 104,000 followers on Instagram[/caption]
Maria has racked up almost 1.7 million likes on TikTok[/caption]

In a short clip on Instagram, Maria Aiello, a professional hair stylist, revealed the simple steps, which have since gone viral, racking up more than 440,000 likes.

According to the whizz, you first need to divide your locks into two sections and twist each one of them tightly, whilst waiting for the curling iron to heat up.

Then grab each section and twist it around the round wand in an upwards motion, with the hair going away from your face.

Repeat the same process on the other side and watch your locks turn into a stunning, red carpet-ready look in a minute.

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At the end of the viral clip, Maria demonstrated the final results – which viewers loved.

”I don’t have time to roll my hair piece by piece, this is wonderful,” a fan thanked for the easy hack.

But despite many tagging their friends, not everyone was impressed, with some sceptical users thinking her hair had already been curled before the tutorial.

”That first curl you can see the ends were curled. We know this doesn’t work.

”Why as Vidal sassoon grad would you rec this? [sic]”

”Y’all please don’t fall for it,” another agreed, whilst a third demanded: ”Guuurl. Can we get a full tutorial? Because this is very misleading.”

Another person, with thick hair, who claimed to have tried the hack wrote: ”This doesn’t work if I just do it in 2 sections. There’s just way too much hair for it.

”BUT if I did this in 4 or 6 sections, it DOES work. But the curls don’t last as long as if I did it normally.

”Quick hack yes. Long lasting? Not even a little.”

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Three steps and it will look like you’ve just left a salon[/caption]


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