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Will Nepo’s supercomputer give him world title edge over Carlsen? | Sean Ingle


Challenger has one of Russia’s fastest supercomputers on his side but his Norwegian opponent remains the warm favourite

It would count as one of the more seismic shocks in modern chess history if Magnus Carlsen were to lose his world title over the next three weeks here in Dubai. Yet when his Russian opponent Ian Nepomniachtchi plays the first move of their 14-game match on Friday he will be armed with two potentially intriguing advantages.

The first is that Nepomniachtchi – or Nepo as he is widely known – holds a 4-1 record in classical chess over Carlsen, dating back to when they first met as promising 12-year-olds. The second? He also has one of Russia’s fastest supercomputers, originally built for machine learning and artificial intelligence, as part of his team.

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