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Rikiishi and Watanabe make weight for OPBF title fight

Tomorrow fight fans in Japan will get the chance to see a new OPBF Super Featherweight champion being crowned as Masanori Rikiishi (10-1, 6) [力石 政法], in his first title bout, takes on Takuya Watanabe (38-10-1, 22) [渡邉 卓也] for the vacant title.
Today the two men took part in their weigh in for the bout, and both men made the 130lb limit without any issues, and both men looked absolutely incredible on the scales.
The 27 year old Rikiishi was comfortably under the limit, at 129.6lbs, and looked genuinely in the best shape of his career. Despite that he actually explained this was the hardest weight cut of his career and that he's getting bigger, and had to come down in weight more than normal. Amazingly he was coming down from 154lbs for the bout, and had to lose 11lbs in water weight. Something that will likely force him to move back to Lightweight in the not so distant future.
Amazingly Rikiishi didn't seemed bothered about the title at all, and was more bothered about beating Watanabe, stating "Because it's a decisive battle, the title isn't worth it. There's nothing special about it, but it's more valuable to beat Watanabe, who has a proven track record." And he added that he wanted to face other notable fighters if he wins, such as Yoshimitsu Kimura and Kosuke Saka.
As for Watanabe he was 129.6lbs on the scales and, much like Rikiishi, he looked in great shape for the bout. He explained that he thought Rikiishi would be bigger than he was, but that the two men are about the same size. He also explained that he had been focusing on training for southpaws, like Rikiishi.
For fans wanting to watch this bout the contest will be aired on the ABEMA Fighting Channel.
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