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Juiki Tatsuyoshi's next bout announced!

Earlier today second generation fighter Juiki Tatsuyoshi (12-0, 8) [辰吉寿以輝] held a press conference to announce his next bout, as he looks to move one step closer to his first title bout, and continues to show the development he is making in the professional ranks.

The bout that was announced today was a marked step up in competition for the unbeaten Tatsuyoshi, who revealed that he would be facing 
Japanese ranked Bantamweight Masayasu Nakamura (7-3-1, 6) [中村誠康], on December 17th.

Tatsuyoshi, the boxing son of the legendary Joichiro Tatsuyoshi, was given an unexpectedly tough bout back in July, when he over-came a competitive Takuya Fujioka, and will know that he will need to perform better here. Nakamura's record doesn't look great on paper, and he can be beaten, but he scored a career best win last time out, over Tatsuya Takahashi and is certainly a dangerous puncher.

The plan for Tatsuyoshi is to be fighting for titles next year, and Nakamura is the next step to achieving that goal.

For fans wanting to watch this one live, it will take place at the EDION Arena Osaka, and is also expected to be aired live on the YTV website, like the last few Tatsuyoshi fights.

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