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Who will the Lakers sign on the 2024 NBA buyout market?

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The Lakers are set to be active in the buyout market with Spencer Dinwiddie at the top of their wish list.

As they have been multiple times in recent seasons, the Lakers are set to be one of the top teams contending for players in the buyout market. Armed with an open roster spot and more money than most thanks to some forward-thinking last summer during the offseason, the Lakers are going to be one of the top options for free agents in the coming days.

They will have competition, though, as multiple playoff contenders have open roster spots and potentially better situations available. Bobby Marks of ESPN listed out all the contenders with open roster spots in both conferences.

The Lakers have found success in the buyout market, never more so than when they landed Markieff Morris in the buyout market the season they would eventually win the title. Morris was a vital piece of that team and stuck around for the next season as well.

Andre Drummond was another notable player the Lakers signed as a buyout, but his results were far more mixed. While he was largely productive, he also became a bit of a lightning rod for a Lakers team that struggled to find its way.

Finding a player to have that much of a positive impact isn’t always common, but it’ll be the goal of the Lakers this time around. Early on, they’ve only been linked to one player in Spencer Dinwiddie, who does represent perhaps the biggest player that will be available in the buyout market.

In speaking with the media after the trade deadline, vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka noted that the team had a ball handler at the top of their priority list. After that, the team was simply focused on the best available player, leaving the door open for lots of possibilities.

The team had inquired about Danilo Gallinari before he was bought out by the Pistons, making him a possibility.

Below, we’ll be constantly updating a list of stories featuring the latest rumors about the Lakers and the buyout market. Bookmark this page to see the players linked to the Lakers, potential targets that have been bought out, Lakers who may be let go, and written and audio analysis of all of it.

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