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What is more important, coach or conference?

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Would a mid-major basketball school fair better by getting a top of the line coach or getting into a top of the line conference?

On one hand, a top line coach can build a program that can compete for the auto-bid every year and in many years be there in the at large conversation.

On the other hand, by being in a top line P5 conference, you do not have to run the table in early Non-Con tournaments to build up the resume. Plently of Quad 1 games to go around. And we all know there is a bias towards a big conference team. Let's say for argument sakes that this coach is not as good as the one in the mid-major conference.

Pretty simple here. Just pick one. Or dont. Or move to the next thread.

GlenArchieBunker this is NOT for you so please do not reply or respond.


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