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Early season observation

I know we are only (4) Games into the season, but after last nights embarrassing lost I wanted to give my observation on this years Team. So I'll address our current roster first, finishing up with the coaching.

MAW & Davenport: I figured I'd address both at the same time, two of (3) holdovers from the Brannen regime. Neither player has progressed since their freshman year. I would say both have regressed from the limited minutes we saw them as freshmen. Physically, they both look to have lost muscle mass. Both looked physically more defined as freshman, even if they've gained a few pounds over the years.. MAW plain and simple, is a poor decision maker, and it showed all last night. He's slow on the fastbreak, and our fastbreak is laughable. MAW drove several times in the paint last night, only to be surrounded by 3/4 players and nowhere to shoot or pass the ball. All led to turnovers or poor shot selections. He's a conference USA type player with his skills. Davenport: Besides becoming a 3pt shooter, how has he progressed since his freshman year? Better rebounder? No! Better shooter in the Paint? No! The majority of his shots are 3pt attempts... and if he's not hitting the 3, what's his value?

Phinisee: 5th Year transfer from Indiana.. Average bench player in the Big 10! Career 6.3pts per game, 2.8ast which screams average... Do you see any difference between Phinisee & MAW when the take the ball up the court. Both are slow and methodical, and neither are good scorers.

Ezikpe: Former Conference USA Player for Old Dominion... Average 7.6pts and 5.2 rbs per game over 4yrs... For a Conference USA Player, that's average stats!

So my point with these two players is? If we're trying to IMPROVE the team, why do we pluck two average players from the portal who can not help this team get better? Really doesn't make any sense? If they're the best we can do, we're in serios trouble.

Lakhin: The last holdover from the Brannen regime. He's slow, he's not a banger which is sorely needed, and not a very good scorer or rebounder for the league we're in. Out muscled and out hustled against NKU last night.. Unfortunately, we can't play EKU or Chaminade every week.. and the schedule will only get tougher.. He's a foul prone player and will see more of this as the year goes on...He's your typical East Euro BIG Man who wants to play a finesse game.

Oguama: Gives us decent minutes off the bench. Would be a bench player if Mick or Huggs were coaching. Not a scoring threat on the inside.

DeJulius: At times he lives up to his High School billing. Can dominate against weaker schools, and we've seen this over the last (3)yrs. When we play Athletic Teams, he tends to disappear.. Like last night! His career did not workout at Michigan, and you can see why.

Nolley: The Teams biggest transfer in the offseason... Has had big games for VT & Memphis in the past.. We expected a lot out of him this season, and over the last two games he's disappeared. I have not seen enough of him in a Bearcats uniform to call him a bust... Bottomline, he needs to show up every night! We do not have enough talented players to compensate when he takes a few games off.

Hensley: Former 4 star recruit for Wes. I believe he was Wes's highest recruit at UNCG. Hensley has shown progression from last year, still has a way to go, but in the right direction. Shows more athleticism in the paint rebounding or scoring than any other 6.6" player and above on the team..

Skillings & Reed: Both were coveted recruits, and both have shown flashes in limited playing time.

Tolentino: This is the one that bothers me the most! Will definitely be redshirted this year. Was labeled a PROJECT! So, if SAGE is a project, why did we recruit him???? He's not as good as Lakhin, who is average at best.. What's the point of a recruit of this caliber ? Somehow he's gonna be a factor in the Big 12? Seriously? He will not, I would lay $$$ on it! Again, if Tolentino is the best this team can recruit going into the Big 12, we're in trouble.

Wes Miller: Played 3yrs for Roy Williams at North Carolina. Had a few nice games over a 3yr period. Played 1yr in the UK before deciding he wanted to coach.. Wes inherited a bad team from Brannen, I believe we would all agree on that... If we were moving in another direction, only to improve... Should Wes have honored those scholarships?

Since Mick left, this team appears to take a backwards step every year. I haven't seen any improvement since Wes has taken over. Part of it, is the players inherited from Brannen. If Wes is a good judge of talent? Then why do we continue to start MAW & Davenport, knowing neither is good enough to compete in this league? When Mick started from ground zero, he took less talented players at the beginning.. after a few years, some of them transferred and it was mutual for the betterment of the team...So how long do we continue to put this product on the floor? Shouldn't we take our lumps now, and get Skillings, Reed, & Hensley the playing time needed so they are prepared for the Big 12?

Going back, Brannen's first year was a mirage... When you inherit Cumberland, Williams, & Tre Scott your going to win games. And we did, and we won the league, and would have played in the NCAA Tourney...

Potential Recruits... If you watched last nights game, would you want to play for this team?

Since then, this team has been a total disappointment! Last night was an all time low! 11pts in the 2nd Half, and we were beat by NKU!

I never thought I'd see the day when NKU would beat us! Right now, we will not win a game put those starting 5 on the floor in Maui.. We will not finish 3rd in the AAC this year!

I don't know if Wes can coach in this league, and I have doubts about the Big 12... I guess he deserves one m ore year.. I go back, when does the rebuilding start?

Can CJ Anthony be any worse than MAW & Phinisee? Seriously, in a real game situation you won't know until you throw CJ out there... We know what MAW & Phinisee can do!

If Wes does not workout, we have to have a High Profile Coach... We can not settle for a quick fix "Brannen", or a disciple from Chapel Hill that you hope can coach! This team entering the Big 12 needs an established coach if Wes is not the answer!

At this point, would you not take a coach with a little baggage? Kelvin Sampson, Sean Miller, Bruce Pearl? I would even consider Chris Mack as bad as that sounds... All of the coaches mentions have proven to putting winning teams on the floor, and recruited talented players who knew how to compete/win.. All I know is we can not keep plucking coaches from the Horizon & Southern Leagues, and expect to win!

I've witnessed 3yrs and it has not worked out! I know I'm ranting and raving a little! Maybe I made a few good points, maybe not... Just my opinion! I know one thing, I can not stand watching what we put on the floor last night!


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