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Sony Is Making Live-Action Spider-Man Shows For Amazon (That Won’t Actually Have Spider-Man In Them)


So you know how Sony has been making movies about Spider-Man characters like Venom and Morbius, but they don’t actually have Spider-Man in them due to a convoluted rights-sharing agreement with Marvel? Well, surprise! Sony is bringing that whole mess to streaming.

Starting with the new live-action series, Silk: Spider Society, Amazon will become the new home for the confusingly expanding Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which again, does not actually have Spider-Man in it. (For now.) The series will feature Marvel Comics character Cindy Moon, a classmate of Peter Parker who also got bitten by the same radioactive spider and became the similarly spider-powered hero, Silk. Angela Kang (The Walking Dead) will act as showrunner with Chris Miller and Phil Lord (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) executive producing. Still with us? Okay. Great.

Via Variety:

“We can’t wait to bring the adventures of Cindy Moon to life, thanks to the creative dream team of Chris and Phil, Angela and Amy, along with our partners at Marvel and Amazon,” said Katherine Pope, president of Sony Pictures Television Studios. “We know this exciting series with new and never-before-seen characters and storylines will wow audiences watching first on linear MGM+ and then around the world on Prime Video.”

Oh yeah, that’s right. Before the live-action Silk series hits Amazon, it will first premiere on MGM+, which is apparently a thing that exists. Although, in fairness, that additional step does add an extra layer of confusion to the whole process, which is entirely on brand for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe that does not have Spider-Man in it.

(Via Variety)



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